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Pirates Close to Signing Bobby Crosby

I'm not impressed, and I hope the deal is just a minor league contract. Crosby can't hit for average and gets hurt constantly. He does have a bit of power, and I suppose I'm glad the Pirates are at least a little bit concerned about having Ronny Cedeno as their only shortstop, but Crosby hasn't put up an OBP above .300 since 2005, when he was only a second-year player in the first place. Anything can happen, but as of now he looks more like a AAA player than a major leaguer.

UPDATE: ...I do get it, though. The market for shortstops wasn't great, and the Bucs had a dubious starting shortstop and no real backup plan. And, although Crosby makes Khalil Greene look like Honus Wagner, I suppose it's theoretically possible to see some upside in there. I'm just not going to get excited about it.