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World to Gorzelanny: We Already Knew That

Me in October, on Tom Gorzelanny:

I agree; he was hurt. I'm pretty sure we're going to see an article written next March where Gorzelanny says his shoulder (which bothered him in Spring Training, and which Dejan Kovacevic reports was tight at various points in the season) bothered him a great deal [in 2008].

John Perrotto yesterday:

That began a downward spiral for Gorzelanny that never ended in 2008.

“Looking back on it, I might have done some things differently,” Gorzelanny said as he prepared for Friday, when pitcher and catchers report to Pirate City.

What Gorzelanny decided to do was downplay the severity of his elbow injury to the Pirates’ medical staff when he reported to spring training...

Gorzelanny admirably tried to pitch through the elbow discomfort. But now he second-guesses himself for not having the problem attended to early on.

“I didn’t think it was that serious, and I really wanted to build off what I had done the year before,” Gorzelanny said. “I’m a competitor. I wanted to take the ball every fifth day and pitch. I didn’t want to go on the disabled list. Looking back, it was selfish on my part. At the time, though, I felt I was doing the right thing by not letting my team down.

So it was his elbow, and not his shoulder. Perrotto's article also says Gorzelanny slacked in the 2007-2008 offseason.