This just in !

According to Jayson Stark over at ESPN as reported by Mr. Sunshine himself, Bob Smizik, the PBC had the worst offseason in the National League.  There are two needs we didn't address in the offseason that I think we should have.  We really needed another starting pitcher and a right handed power bat.  The right handed power bat might come from our own Steve Pearce, who I've always been a mark for,  

Free agent pitching is a different matter.  There are very few good free agent pitchers still left on the market.  Pedro Martinez, whom has been debated about here extensively, and Mark Mulder are the only big names that I'd like to see in black and gold next year.  

I don't think the Pirates have had a bad offseason, but a quiet one.  We did get some bench players and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up from Triple A.

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