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Community Projection: Brandon Moss

Another interesting one. Post your guesses in the comments about Brandon Moss' 2009 performance by predicting his 2009 batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage, in that orderAs a bonus, you can guess the number of extra-base hits Moss will have in 2009.

Here are Moss' career numbers. If you've been lurking, the Community Projections are a great way to get involved at Bucs Dugout, so dive in.

Here are the results of the Community Projections so far, including the Andy LaRoche projection, which is now closed:

Ryan Doumit C .289/.346/.477 115 games played .287/.343/.463
Adam LaRoche 1B .279/.350/.508 10th HR on June 11 .268/.343/.485
Freddy Sanchez 2B .300/.332/.419 548 PAs .285/.324/.398
Jack Wilson SS .271/.313/.360 Last 2009 game w/Bucs: August 13
Andy LaRoche 3B .264/.361/.436 124 starts .232/.325/.363

We're believers, it seems--the BD is much more optimistic than ZiPS about LaRoche. ZiPS doesn't "know" about LaRoche's injury troubles last year, though, and the BD community projection is only a hint more optimistic than Baseball Prospectus' projection (for subscribers only, unfortunately). I'll be reasonably happy if LaRoche hits as we think he will while providing solid defense.