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Oil Can Boyd Wants to Make a Comeback

I think this would be awesome. Oil Can is 49, he's been retired from the majors since 1991, and he's a tremendously entertaining player:

When a Red Sox game was postponed due to fog – in Cleveland – it was the Can who said, "That's what you get for building a ballpark on the ocean." It was the Can who was not allowed to leave spring training in Winter Haven until he returned some overdue adult movies, which he eventually did, but not before one member of the Red Sox family, in the greatest line ever, called the incident The Can Film Festival.

I'm pretty sure Boyd was the first player I ever saw throw an eephus pitch, too, which I thought was awesome because it was probably the one thing that happened on a baseball field that I could have actually done. If I had played baseball, the eephus pitch and the hidden ball trick would have been my entire game. I wish more pitchers would throw the eephus, if only because it generates extremely entertaining results. I can't find video of Boyd throwing one, but here's Kaz Tadano (who, incidentally, might have entered the Can Film Festival if it'd happened a couple decades later) throwing one: