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BP Releases PECOTAs for Pirates Hitters

Baseball Prospectus has published PECOTA projections for hitters (subscription only). It wouldn't be right to leak details, but here's the cheat sheet:

-P- Nate McLouth stands a very good chance of matching last year's production and even has an outside shot at being one of baseball's best position players this year. PECOTA, which has always been a big believer in McLouth, thinks he's for real.

-P- Andy LaRoche will be fine. He won't be a star, but he'll be a serviceable starter.

-P- Nyjer Morgan projects to be about eight miles below replacement level as a left fielder.

-P- Brian Bixler should hit better than Morgan.

-P- Jason Jaramillo will be a totally functional backup catcher and should be clearly better than Robinzon Diaz.