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Vote for Bucs Dugout!!!!!

I've been on the fence about whether to mention the Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament going on at Sean's Ramblings, because it's cheesy and undignified to direct you all over there to vote for Bucs Dugout. The longer Bucs Dugout lasts in this tournament, though, the more people end up seeing it and checking out the site, and maybe if I point you over there it'll be a good excuse for you to check out some of the other fine blogs that Pittsburgh sports have to offer.

Bucs Dugout is in the Sweet 16 and is up against the top-seeded Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies, which is a fine site that has nice things to say about Bucs Dugout. Go over there and vote, and be sure to click around while you're there and check out some of the other blogs that are featured. WHYGAVS is the only other Pirate blog still involved, so vote for him, and be sure to vote for the SB Nation blogs for the Penguins and Steelers. The polls close Tuesday at 8:00 PM.