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Doug Mientkiewicz Signs With Dodgers

It's a minor league deal. The Dodgers are probably the right organization to appreciate Mientkiewicz's particular blend of fiery, clutchy veteranosity, but the deal could also have interesting ramifications for the Pirates beyond just Mientkiewicz not playing for them.

Remember back in November, when the Jack Wilson trade rumors of the moment focused on Dodger minor league outfielder Delwyn Young? Well, Mientkiewicz will be Young's main competition for a roster spot, which is important because Young is out of options. The Dodgers may try to pass him through waivers here in a month or so. Young came up as a second baseman, but he's played most of the last couple years as an outfielder, and the Pirates have about a zillion options already at those positions. Still, if the rumors regarding Young were true, I'd look for the Pirates to try to grab him and use him off the bench.

Here are Young's career stats. They look impressive, but don't take his numbers at AAA too seriously--Las Vegas is a hitter's paradise.

-P- The Pirates defeated Boston 3-2 today. Pedro Alvarez had an RBI double in his only plate appearance, which is pretty nifty. Also, Andy LaRoche made his spring debut and went 1-for-2.