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Phillies Release Adam Eaton

They owe him $9 million this year. Including this coming year, Eaton has made about $35 million in the big leagues, and been traded with Aki Otsuka for Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young, despite not ever being a good starting pitcher. He spent his first several years in a great pitcher's park in San Diego (and yes, Qualcomm was one, too, just like PETCO Park is), mostly while posting dubious peripherals, and he's had exactly one season with an ERA+ above 100. Of course, he looks like a good pitcher, so he'll get to make a few million more bucks over the next several years bouncing between teams and moving back and forth between rotations and bullpens, sort of like Brett Tomko has. 

Incidentally, Kip Wells has only made $17 million for his near-decade of service as a bad pitcher masquerading as a decent one. He can't think that's fair--after all, at least he was actually pretty good for a couple years before it all went downhill.