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Community Projection: Ian Snell

With his rotation spot now a virtual lock, how do you think Ian Snell will do this year? Guess in the comments by predicting his 2009 innings pitched, strikeouts, walks and ERA, in that order. As a bonus, you can predict the percentage of Snell's 2009 pitches that will be fastballs. (Data on that for prior seasons can be found here.)

Here are the results of the projections so far, including the one for Zach Duke, which is now closed:

Ryan Doumit C .289/.346/.477 115 games played .287/.343/.463
Adam LaRoche 1B .279/.350/.508 10th HR on June 11 .268/.343/.485
Freddy Sanchez 2B .300/.332/.419 548 PAs .285/.324/.398
Jack Wilson SS .271/.313/.360 Last 2009 game w/Bucs: August 13
Andy LaRoche 3B .264/.361/.436 124 starts .232/.325/.363
Brandon Moss OF .260/.333/.460 48 extra-base hits .251/.312/.403
Nate McLouth CF .276/.355/.480 First CS on May 21 .261/.342/.459
Nyjer Morgan OF .274/.318/.348 43 games at leadoff .262/.315/.318
Andrew McCutchen OF .264/.334/.392 169 at bats .261/.337/.362


Paul Maholm SP 184.3 IP, 132K, 58BB, 4.00 ERA 12 wins 180.7 IP, 120K, 60BB, 4.53 ERA
Zach Duke SP 189 IP, 98 K, 50 BB, 4.77 ERA .331 OBP against 148.7 IP, 75 K, 42 BB, 5.27 ERA
Matt Capps RP 64.3 IP, 55K, 13BB, 3.13 ERA 26 saves 71.7 IP, 55K, 13BB, 3.25 ERA


Obviously, ZiPS doesn't like Duke very much. Given a good defense behind him, I think he could still have a solid career, but the Pirates don't have one of those. My guess is that he falls between ZiPS and the community projection.