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Jose Tabata's Wife Found With Missing Baby

There are so many bizarre things wrapped up in this story that I'm not really sure where to start. Just off the top:

-Jose Tabata's wife is 43?

-Jose Tabata's wife has multiple aliases?

-Jose Tabata gave the Pirates wrong information about his wife's name?

-And, oh yeah, Jose Tabata's wife may have kidnapped a two-month old baby.

Thanks to Thunder for the link.

UPDATE: More details. Tabata's wife has a rap sheet that includes theft and fraud. The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun an investigation. It sounds like she's in very serious trouble. Hopefully, Jose is as surprised by some of these details as I am, because it would be terrible if he were connected to all this--not, obviously, just for baseball reasons but because he's a young kid with a long life ahead of him.

UPDATE II: Tabata says he's "shocked" by what his wife did.