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Link Roundup: Jose Tabata Not Involved in Baby Snatching

The Pirates say that the Manatee County Sherriff's Office has told them that Jose Tabata was not involved in his wife's bizarre alleged kidnapping of a two-month-old baby. I'm sure he must be crushed and confused anyway, but at least he isn't going to face charges, and he's young enough that he can hopefully learn from this and get on with his life. Hopefully, he can also get away from this woman as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: Tabata issues a statement. Yikes. Apparently his wife faked her way through a pregnancy, and Tabata thought the baby was his daughter.

-P- The Pirates' new Class A affiliate, the West Virginia Power, has updated its logo to reflect its return to the Pirates organization. The team is also planning a Jesco White bobble-foot promotion this year, which I as a native West Virginian think is pretty awesome.

-P- Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright is preparing for his Opening Day start against the Bucs.

-P- Tangotiger is doing a crowd survey projecting playing time for each team in the big leagues, and he needs Pirates fans to head over there and guess how much each Pirate will play this year. I just did it, and it only takes a few minutes.

-P- My band will be at 123 Pleasant St. in Morgantown tonight and in Shepherdstown WV tomorrow, so updates might be a little dicey until Sunday. I have, however, written a Pirates preview that should be posted at Hardball Times tomorrow.