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News Roundup: Pirates, Jack Wilson Discussing Extension

-P- Jack Wilson and the Pirates are talking about an extension, the Post-Gazette reports. This news is so far out of leftfield it's hard to know where to begin, but--what? A few years ago, Wilson implied that he planned to retire after 2010 anyway; if that's still the plan, it's possible that the extension he wants could be a cheap one-year deal designed to allow him to retire a Pirate. If he's playing well in late summer, I guess that's worth considering, given the Bucs' lack of good shortstop prospects in the high minors. Beyond that, I can't believe the Pirates' management would consider anything more than one year and a few million dollars.

-P- The Tigers have returned Rule 5 pick Kyle Bloom to the Pirates. Bloom was one of the Pirates' few starting pitching prospects, and I gave the team a hard time for losing him because it really wasn't necessary, but no harm, no foul, I suppose.

-P- Ronny Paulino has officially entered the journeyman phase of his career after being flipped from the Phillies to the Giants to the Marlins within a span of a few hours. If he sticks with the Marlins, Paulino should be the short side of a platoon with John Baker.