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What a Lineup

The Pirates' lineup against the Netherlands today, via the Post-Gazette:

Anderson Machado, SS
Luis Cruz, 2B
Craig Monroe, DH
Garrett Jones, RF
Pedro Alvarez, 3B
Andy Phillips, 1B
Jeff Salazar, CF
Ruben Gotay, LF
Erik Kratz, C

I was going to joke that it's a cold day in Florida when Ruben Gotay (I thought he was in minor league camp?) starts in left field, but it's actually in the low 60s there. A lot of these guys will be lucky to get regular duty in Indianapolis. 

Anyway, the Pirates are up, 5-3. Randall Simon hit 2-for-4 against his old team. Alvarez has gone 0-for-4 with two strikeouts.