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Pirates Not Interested in Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds wants to return to baseball this year, and his agent will talk to every major league team to see if anyone has a roster spot for him.

As for a return to Pittsburgh, where Bonds started his career, Pirates GM Neal Huntington said no.

"All things considered, the Pittsburgh Pirates would pass on a player even the caliber of Barry Bonds at this time. We're looking forward to building around our young players. We've got a good core that we feel good about, going forward,'' Huntington said.

Yes, better tell the all-time home run king that spot in left needs to be clear for Nyjer Morgan.

I kid, I kid. Bonds is incredibly old, he's already missed a year, his life is such a soap opera it's impossible to keep track of it, he'd bring a constant storm of terrible publicity and, while I'm not a big believer in clubhouse chemistry, I don't want Bonds around the Pirates' young players.

I wonder if the Wild Things' offer is still on the table. It's too bad Bonds doesn't have Rickey Henderson's attitude, or he'd probably be playing there.