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Pirates Demote Andrew McCutchen, Brian Bixler

The demotion of Andrew McCutchen, as much as it might agitate the fanboy/fangirl in each of us, is just good business. There's really no reason to flip out over a good Spring Training performance, and there's also really no reason for a non-contending team to promote a promising prospect in April unless he's already crushed AAA, which McCutchen hasn't. If he's ready, and it's not absolutely clear that's the case, he'll smash AAA pitching for a couple months and then come up in June, by which point the Pirates will have ensured they'll be able to keep him through 2015. If they promote him now, they risk losing him after 2014. If he'd dominated at AAA, maybe you could make a case for promoting him anyway, but he hasn't.

As for Brian Bixler: I suppose I'd prefer to see him instead of the utterly non-hitting Luis Cruz in the last utility spot, but I'm not going to worry much about it. Again, I wouldn't think too hard about Bixler's solid Spring Training performance. His play in the minors will tell us a lot more.

-P- By the way, sometime on Sunday, BD's total page views hit two million. It took 32 months for the first million and only 14 for the second. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by. Onward and upward...