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Pirates 10, Reds 2: Maholm, Doumit Deliver

Big game for the Bucs today. Half the damage came off Mike Lincoln late in the game--Lincoln plainly had no idea where the ball was going, and the Bucs took advantage, walking several batters before Ryan Doumit drove them all in with a grand slam. Adam LaRoche then added a solo homer behind him. Nate McLouth also drove in three runs earlier in the game, including two on a first-inning homer off Johnny Cueto.

Other than a meaningless defensive miscue in the ninth, Nyjer Morgan had a good game, tripling and reaching base four times while taking advantage of Ramon Hernandez' inability to throw by stealing two bases. There's a temptation to read too much into Morgan's performance so far this year--after all, before today he was hitting .316/.316/.316 going into the game. But he's fun to watch when he plays like he did today.

Paul Maholm pitched well yet again, allowing only one run, three hits and two walks in seven innings. The only real negative today was yet another poor game by Andy LaRoche, although at least he didn't make any errors this time.