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Link Roundup: Nats Demote Milledge, and Minor League News

-P- The Nationals have sent Lastings Milledge to the minors, thus clearing more playing time for Elijah Dukes and Josh Willingham. Neither Milledge nor the Nationals are off to a good start, but one would think that a team with enough capable outfielders to try this stunt (it's only been a week!) and such incredible needs in other areas would start making some trades. Even with Milledge in the minors, the Nats have Dukes, Willingham, Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns to man the outfield. In Class AAA, they also have Roger Bernadina, who'd make a nice fourth outfielder for a team with as many lumbering outfielders as the Nats. One would think they'd try to deal someone, perhaps WIllingham or Kearns, for some pitching.

-P- After missing the first week of the season with a wrist injury, second base prospect Shelby Ford is back in business for Indianapolis.

-P- Robbie Grossman is off to a great start for West Virginia.

-P- Zach Duke credits Joe Kerrigan for the Pirates' starters' strong beginning. That's to be expected--crediting coaches for strong performances is just part of ballplayer etiquette--but if the Pirates continue to pitch so well while looking as different as they have in past years, it won't be long before I start crediting Kerrigan too.