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Pirates vs. Padres, 26 April 2009

Ross Ohlendorf vs. Jake Peavy, 4:05 PM. Man, what a terrible lineup.

-P- My worries about the Pirates' bullpen have been relieved for now--Zach Duke got the Bucs through eight innings last night and the score wasn't close when he left, so Donnie Veal and Craig Hansen weren't able to blow the game. Actually, Hansen wouldn't have been able to do so in any case, since he'd been placed on the DL with neck spasms. Evan Meek takes his place, giving the Bucs a somewhat more reliable reliever to work with. It isn't often that I feel relieved when a player goes on the DL, and of course I wish Hansen well, but since he's out of options, this year is all about keeping him in the organization while letting him do the least damage possible. Let's hope for a quick recovery--and a long, leisurely string of rehab outings in Indianapolis.

-P- Also, Jack Wilson is going on the DL, too, with problems with the middle finger of his catching hand. That might explain some of the bad defense in Friday's game. Brian Bixler, who'd been off to a hot start in AAA, will take his place. We'll get a couple weeks to see if he's made any improvements over last year, when he appeared to have no business wearing a major-league uniform.

-P- Some reading while you wait for the game: Sorry, Yankees!