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Brewers 10, Pirates 5: Tempers Flare, Bullpen Implodes

The Pirates got a bunch of offense in this game--more, perhaps, than their five-run total makes it look. Nyjer Morgan, Freddy Sanchez and Adam LaRoche picked up two hits apiece, and Andy LaRoche had a walk, an RBI, and a double.

Brian Bixler looked absolutely clueless at the plate, though, striking out four times, and the pitching was downright ugly--Jeff Karstens allowed five runs and three homers in five innings, and while Jesse Chavez (who actually threw some breaking balls today!) and Evan Meek got through their innings unscathed, Tyler Yates and John Grabow combined to give up five runs in the eighth inning.  All told, the Pirates surrendered eight walks and two hit batsmen, and while their were explanations for some of those (Karstens' pelting of Ryan Braun appeared to be intentional, Grabow's walk of Braun was definitely intentional, and Chavez's lone walk came after a couple of very close pitches), it still added up to an ugly, and lengthy, display. Yates, in particular, has just been horrible this year, and today he couldn't find the plate even after trying to take a couple MPH off his fastball to do so.

Oh well--this might have been a winnable game if not for the bullpen's implosion, but when you have Jeff Karstens out there every fifth day, things like this are simply going to happen. I can stand the occasional ugly game from Karstens if he gets through five innings and promises he'll make it up to me next time.

Things got pretty heated after the Braun HBP, by the way--Braun seemed to be angry only at Karstens, and he appeared to have a friendly conversation with LaRoche when he got to first, but the next two games of this series could be interesting.

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