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Brewers 6, Pirates 5: Somehow, the Pirates Only Lost by One

This was an ugly game that, frankly, the Pirates deserved to lose. The Bucs actually had a 5-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth, but only because they seemed to get all their hits at the right time. The Pirates walked nine batters compared to only one walk for Brewers pitchers, and while some of that had to do with some rather strange ball and strike calls at home plate, some of that also was the Pirates' pitching.

None of the Pirates' pitchers were very good, actually. Paul Maholm allowed five walks and five runs, then was relieved by Jesse ChavezRickie Weeks had apparently read the scouting report on Chavez ('One 96 MPH fastball for a strike after another, huh? I can handle that') and homered on Chavez's first pitch. Then Sean Burnett and Evan Meek walked two batters apiece. 

So this looked like a close game, but the only Pirates who really played particularly well were Jason Jaramillo and Eric Hinske (who each went 1-for-3 with a double and 2 RBIs), as well as Brian Bixler, who had two hits and scored a run in the fourth thanks to some gutsy, intelligent baserunning.