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Pirates 6, Cardinals 4: 1-0!

Well, it wasn't pretty--the Bucs made three errors (two by Andy LaRoche, who started this season like the last one never ended), only struck out two batters, and generally played sloppy, fumbling baseball, as there were a number of poor fielding plays that they didn't get errors for. But on the bright side, they had eleven hits, walked six times (some with the help of some poor control by Cardinals pitchers, but still), Nyjer Morgan had three hits, Adam LaRoche didn't look totally clueless, and Paul Maholm's breaking stuff was fairly sharp. And Andy LaRoche, for all his defensive miscues, drew an impressive walk, laying off a very close pitch--he had a bad game overall, but he wouldn't have drawn that walk last year. 

The Bucs were down 4-2 but scored four runs in the ninth to win it. Three of those came across on a bases-loaded double by Jack Wilson, and sure enough, cut out right before it happened. Thanks a lot, Major League Baseball. Still, I guess we can be happy, at least for one day.