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Pirates Sign Dutch Outfielder

This isn't huge news, but no one has reported it in English. Also, there's a post on Bert Blyleven below, so I guess we get to have a rare Netherlands day. Enjoy it, Dutchophiles!

The Pirates have signed a young Dutch player named Daan Cornelissen and will send him to Brisbane, Australia (?) to train. Cornelissen was recommended to the Pirates by Martin Nijhoff, who the Pirates recently hired to scout in the Netherlands. He seems to be a 17-year-old outfielder. Obviously, he's be a longshot to make the majors, but probably not in nearly the same way that, say, Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh are; several Dutch-bred players have become major leaguers (Rick Vanden Hurk) or at least good prospects (the Mariners' Greg Halman).

UPDATE: I just realized the Coonelly/Huntington Pirates have signed amateurs from six continents. Most of the players from last June's draft are from North America, Jonathan Barrios is from South America, Cornelissen is from Europe, Patel and Singh are from Asia, Mpho Ngoepe is from Africa, and Mitchell Fienemann is from Australia. Next stop, Antarctica?