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Pirates 5, Cardinals 2: Ohlendorf Dominates

Adam LaRoche lost a homer via instant replay this evening, but the Pirates otherwise had to be pretty happy with the results here. Ross Ohlendorf (will he turn out to be the most useful player on either side of the Nady-Marte deal?) had his best start of what had already been a pretty good season, allowing just two hits and no walks while striking out five over six innings. John Russell decided to test the Pirates' luck by bringing in Tyler Yates to start the seventh inning, but Yates didn't even allow a run, which says much about the way the Pirates' luck has been the last two days--Adam LaRoche hits homers (well, one and a half of them), Brandon Moss looks like a real major leaguer, and Flood Gates Yates keeps his finger in the dam for once. I'll take it.