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Quote of the Day

From the Post-Gazette:

Thirty members of the Pirates' team party, more than half of them players, were given a one-hour, guided-tour visit of the White House yesterday, a day before President Obama will welcome the Steelers.

"I thought we'd take a better tour," said infielder Ramon Vazquez, noting that it was brief and limited. "It was nice to be in there, though. Those paintings they got -- the 1800s, man."

Dude, yeah, like Aaron Burr and stuff! And Fauntleroy suits, what was up with those things?! Like it's 1865 up in here, where's my top hat!!! And like I'm totally going to dine on some hardtack and kick Robert E. Lee's sorry pratts all over Sayler's Creek, know what I mean? Dude. The 1800s.