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White Sox 4, Pirates 0

Ross Ohlendorf was fine until he got tired in the eighth and hung a breaking ball for Jermaine Dye to clobber, but this is purely academic--you can't win if you don't score, and Clayton Richard became the latest scrub to shut the Pirates down, following Gavin Floyd and Craig Stammen

I'd love to say there's someone here slumping, but other than Freddy Sanchez, there really isn't. There just isn't much offense. And since Ryan Doumit is hurt and Brandon Moss can't start against a lefty at any point ever lest he melt, or drown in a pool of his own tears, or whatever John Russell thinks will happen to him, we're left with out machines riddled throughout the lineup. 

True, the Bucs did score lots of runs in their series against Colorado and the first two games against Washington, but days like these, when they can't do anything against a pitcher who isn't any good, are really frustrating to watch.

Andy LaRoche is batting .288. And Ohlendorf kept the bullpen rested. Those are about the only bright spots I can think of here.