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Link Roundup: Tanner Scheppers Returns

-P- It's already been mentioned in one FanPost here, but I'll add a link: Tanner Scheppers, the injured Fresno State pitcher who the Bucs drafted in the second round last year but didn't sign, is apparently relatively healthy and looking so good that the Mariners could draft him with the second overall pick. We don't know exactly what Scheppers' bonus demands were, but if the Pirates didn't sign him because he wanted a million bucks or so, it looks like they might have screwed up. His fastball has been clocked at 97-98 MPH (which, as with all velocity reports, could mean anything), and according to Baseball America's Allan Simpson, scouts claim Scheppers' breaking stuff has been as good as Stephen Strasburg's. Scheppers still has much to prove because of his health, but it looks like not signing him could be a decision the Bucs end up regretting.

-P- Speaking of Strasburg, Neal Huntington says the Pirates will draft him if he's available. Which he won't be--the Washington Nationals will probably take him with the first overall pick. The same article reports that the Pirates are "among the favorites" to sign Miguel Angel Sano, a 15-year-old Dominican shortstop who's among the best amateurs available there. You can read more about Sano here.

-P- Jenifer Langosch has a ton of pictures from the Dominican on her blog.

-P- Two Pirates pitching prospects had dominant starts today: for Altoona, Brad Lincoln racked up eight strikeouts in five strikeout innings against Erie (although the Curve lost after the bullpen gave up seven runs following Lincoln's departure). And for Lynchburg, Ronald Uviedo struck out five Kinston Indians while walking just one and allowing two runs, one earned. Pedro Alvarez, by the way, went 0-for-3 with a walk, dropping his average to .212.

-P- The Mets may send Oliver Perez, who has knee problems and a 9.97 ERA, to the minors or the DL.