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Mets 7, Pirates 2: Tyler Yates Dampens Evening

The Mets really seemed to want the Pirates to win this game (the box score only lists one error--a bad throw by Jose Reyes--but there were also a couple of bungled plays in the outfield), but a tepid offense and Tyler Yates wouldn't let them. Jeff Karstens actually pitched pretty well, even throwing some breaking balls that were among the best I've ever seen from him, but he left the game after six with the score tied, 2-2.

And then, Yates. Tyler got through one inning without incident, but John Russell sent him back for more in the eighth, and Yates started the inning with a single, a walk, and an RBI single by Carlos Beltran. Then Sean Burnett relieved Yates and promptly gave up a three-run jack to Carlos Delgado. By the end of the inning, the Bucs were down by five, and the mini-rally they staged in the bottom of the ninth wasn't nearly enough. 

I understand the Bucs' problems with their bullpen right now. They have an injured closer and they're carrying several inexperienced pitchers, including a Rule 5 pick who doesn't belong in the big leagues. I get that, and I can live with that. But even within those constraints, it's past the point where Yates should be in high-leverage situations. He wasn't a good pitcher even last year, when there weren't many complaints about him. This year, everyone in the comment thread knows what's going to happen the second he walks through the bullpen door. Jesse Chavez and Evan Meek and John Grabow should get those innings. I'd even prefer the Pirates call up, oh I don't know, Romulo Sanchez, or Juan Mateo, or Jeff Sues, and have one of them pitch. Let Yates pitch mop-up duty.