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Day Two Draft Open Thread

Rounds 4-30 of the draft begin today at noon. I'll schedule another thread to go up in mid-afternoon.

Here are some picks:

4. HS LHP Zackry Dodson

5. College LHP Nathaniel Baker

6. HS RHP Zachary von Rosenberg

I can't find anything interesting about Dodson or Baker, but Baseball America ranks Rosenberg their 41st overall draft prospect, so he could be a Grossman-quality pick in the sixth round. You can watch some video of Rosenberg here. His delivery looks a little violent, but his stuff looks nasty.

7. HS RHP Trent Stevenson

PG CrossChecker ranks Stevenson the best high school prospect from Arizona. Baseball America's John Manuel "loves" him, and BA elsewhere writes that Stevenson "has the kind of body scouts dream on."

8. HS LHP Colton Cain

Cain is a highly-rated two-way player who Baseball America has ranked among the top 100 draft prospects. He's 6'3" and throws a curve, changeup and 90-MPH fastball.

The Pirates were, fortunately, serious about their strategy--they really are going to have to spend some money on some of these guys.