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Twins 8, Pirates 2

There were some entertaining moments in this game--Nyjer Morgan's first home run since 1953, a couple of nifty double plays, broadcaster John Wehner's amusing announcement that he was officially retiring (from playing)--but this was an ugly one. If you get the chance, check out Craig Monroe's at bat against R.A. Dickey in the 8th. Monroe strikes out, then shows no discernable urgency getting to first once he realizes Joe Mauer hasn't caught the ball. Monroe trots the whole way, then winds up safe as Mauer is charged with a throwing error. It's bad enough when good players don't run down the line, but when a bad, washed-up, lucky-to-have-a-job player like Monroe does it, it's infuriating.

That the Pirates managed to turn five double plays and still allow eight runs says a lot about the way this game went. There were baserunners galore--Paul Maholm alone allowed 14 hits and a walk in five innings. The Pirates missed a chance to get into the game when they were down two runs in the fifth, as Adam LaRoche grounded into an inning-ending double play with the bases loaded. And the game might have turned out a little differently if Delmon Young hadn't robbed Andy LaRoche of a homer in the fourth, or if Andrew McCutchen hadn't lost a ball in the lights in the fifth. Generally, though, the Twins' singles-heavy attack was just too much. Mauer had four hits, raising his average to .429. He's pretty high on the list of players who could potentially hit .400 in a season, so it'll be interesting to watch him as the series goes on.