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Pirates 3, Indians 2: Andrew McCutchen Does it Again

For five innings, the Pirates couldn't get much of anywhere against Cliff Lee, who lately has been just as terrifying as he was in his Cy Young season last year. But Ross Ohlendorf kept the Pirates in the game, and Andrew McCutchen helped jumpstart the offense with a double in the sixth. He later scored on a sacrifice fly by Freddy Sanchez. Lee came unglued a bit in the seventh and the Pirates were able to take advantage--Andy LaRoche led off the inning with a walk and Brandon Moss followed him with a single, and after Jason Jaramillo's sacrifice, Jack Wilson was intentionally walked to load the bases. Delwyn Young pinch hit for Ohlendorf and couldn't bring any runners home, but McCutchen scored one runner with a walk, mostly because Lee threw him three fastballs at about forehead level. (That might work with most Pirates hitters, but not with McCutchen.) 

Entering the eighth inning, the game was tied, but Nyjer Morgan made a nice jumping catch that might have robbed Victor Martinez of what would have been his second homer of the day. Then in the ninth, the Bucs were finally able to take advantage of a leaky Indians bullpen. Wilson and Eric Hinske started the inning with singles, and then Wilson stole third on a pretty brilliant baserunning play--with the Indians' third baseman charging in to field a possible bunt attempt, Wilson raced to third, putting the Indians' shortstop in a very tough position by forcing him to try to beat Wilson to the bag, catch the ball and reach down to tag him out. McCutchen drove home the game-winning single. This was an awesome game for McCutchen and Wilson, who reached base seven times between them and were involved in some of its biggest plays.