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Cubs vs. Pirates, 29 June 2009

Rich Harden vs. Zach Duke, 7:05 PM.

Sorry about the game thread yesterday--I had a concert out of town last night and scheduled the thread to go up an hour before the game, but I must have clicked the wrong thing on the dropdown bar and it ended up being posted 12 hours later than that. No good for any of you, obviously. I'm traveling back to California today, but I'm going to post the gamethread NOW, just in case. Regular posting resumes tomorrow.

Cubs vs Pirates preview

Couple of quick notes:

Ian Snell struck out 17 (!!!) batters at Class AAA yesterday. Of course, we already knew he could strike out batters at Class AAA, so this doesn't tell us much, except that he was really, really upset. It also sounds like Neal Huntington can't wait to get Snell's contract off his hands.

The Centre Daily Times chronicles changes on the State College Spikes' roster. Quinton Miller has been promoted to West Virginia, which made me wonder why the Pirates didn't just let him play there all year and had him start his season in June.

The Pirates have signed 17-year-old Taiwanese outfielder Chi Ping-hong for about $30,000. (This is on a blog, but it's been reported in at least a couple different places.) He's 5'7", so it will be interesting to see how he adjusts to pro ball.