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Bits From the Trades

Odds and ends from the trade bonanza this afternoon:

-P- Jeff Salazar will join the Pirates while they wait for Lastings Milledge to get himself sorted out. Salazar didn't hit all that well for Indianapolis, but I'm still pretty happy to have him on board. I wanted him to make the team out of Spring Training. He brings decent defense and has just enough of every offensive skill to get by. He deserves the shot at a bench job, and I'm glad he's going to get it.

-P- Nats acting GM Mike Rizzo on the Morgan/Burnett deal:

"We addressed two of our biggest needs, athleticism and defensive ability in center field and a bullpen guy
we'll have control over the next three years." He called called Burnett and Morgan "two cornerstones of the organization."

That's a laugher worthy of Lloyd McClendon's "This sends shock waves" quote about Derek Bell, frankly. Burnett and Morgan would be cornerstones of a Class AA team. Maybe.

-P- The Post-Gazette also has some details on the players acquired for Eric Hinske. Eric Fryer, who has played outfield for the Yankees, will be moved back behind the plate, while Casey Erickson (lots of "Eric"s in this trade) may get a shot as a starter. He didn't pitch well in three minor-league starts this year, but he has four pitches. The P-G also notes that he's a groundball guy, and... wow, they're not kidding. I just noticed that. He has 3.23 groundouts for every flyout this year, which looks pretty tasty, and he's allowed just four homers in the past two years combined. Maybe there's more upside here than I initially realized.

-P- USA Today calls the Morgan/Burnett deal a "potential heist" for the Bucs.