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News Roundup: Draft Propsect Kyle Gibson Injured

DJ Gallo: Fact is, the Pirates know what they're doing - ESPN
Great article about the Pirates' plans over at 

Missouri's Gibson has stress fracture | News
Missouri pitcher Kyle Gibson, once among the possibilities for the Pirates' fourth overall pick in this week's draft, has a stress fracture and is therefore probably out of the running.

The Baseball Analysts: 2009 Draft Day Spotlight: Tony Sanchez
An interview with catcher Tony Sanchez, another potential first-rounder, who confirms that he's talked with the Pirates. Sanchez would be a pretty serious reach with the fourth overall pick, especially in a draft that's fairly deep with catching. There might even be an outside shot that Sanchez would be available with the Pirates' second-round pick.

O's eyeing 16-year-old shortstop? --
The Orioles are interested in Miguel Angel Sano.

Tim Kurkjian: Pittsburgh Pirates' Ross Ohlendorf 'on a different level' - ESPN
Ross Ohlendorf sounds like he might be a GM someday.

Minor League Baseball: Scoreboard: Akron 1, Altoona 0
Brad Lincoln had another awesome start for Altoona, dropping his ERA to 1.95. Move this guy up already.

Minor League Baseball: Scoreboard: Lynchburg 1, Wilmington 0
Ronald Uviedo, Michael Dubee and Pedro Alvarez all got the Hillcats off to a great start in their doubleheader today,  although Alvarez went 0-for-4 in the second game.