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News Roundup: Bryan Morris Returns

Pirate Notebook: Brad Lincoln to be Promoted
Brad Lincoln will soon move from Altoona to Indianapolis, the Post-Gazette reports. I vote for Michael Dubee to take his spot on the Curve's roster.

Minor League Baseball: Wilmington 4, Lynchburg 1
Bryan Morris quietly made his 2009 debut for Lynchburg today, allowing four runs in 4 1/3 innings. He'll probably need a few starts to shake the rust off.

Letter from Neal Huntington | Fan Forum
Huntington aims to explain the Nate McLouth trade to season ticket holders.

Is this thing on?: McCutchen and Walker Interview
I missed this when it came out a couple days ago. Both Neil Walker and Andrew McCutchen say some pretty eye-opening things about how tough it is to wait to be called up to the big leagues. I don't usually talk much about the potential problems with leaving a talented player at Class AAA too long because the level of frustration a player feels will be different from person to person and can only be speculated about anyway. And I don't think a player like Walker who plainly isn't ready should be called up anyway, since he would probably only feel a day or two of elation followed by months of frustration. But someone like McCutchen, a top prospect who really proved his mettle in AAA, probably shouldn't be allowed to hang out at AAA, if only for psychological reasons.

WHGAYS: Neal Huntington was Hired in 2007
Pat nails it.