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News Roundup: Pirates Sign Player From Lithuania

-P- The Pirates have signed two more international players: 18-year-old catcher Dylan Child, from Australia, and 16-year-old pitcher Dovydas Neverauskas, from Lithuania. I have never, ever before heard of a major league team signing a player out of Lithuania.

-P- I missed the game today--I was actually watching the Cubs and Cardinals at Wrigley--but I gather Matt Capps didn't pitch too well. I suppose it's nice to see all those homers. Anyway, Capps now has a 6.21 ERA on the year, and has allowed six homers in 29 innings.

-P- Tony Sanchez hit his first pro homer yesterday.

-P- The Post-Gazette reports that the Mariners and Twins are interested in Freddy Sanchez. I'd be surprised if the Twins ended up with him; they don't make a lot of trades, and they tend to be pretty protective of their prospects.

-P- From the FanPosts, I thought this NSFW video about the Morgan/Milledge trade was pretty funny.