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News Roundup: Barry Zito Still Struggling

Kawakami: It's time for Giants to cut losses with Zito - San Jose Mercury News
Tim Kawakami says it's time for the Giants to consider dumping Barry Zito, one of the three pitchers the Pirates will face in their upcoming series against San Francisco. Unfortunately, the other two are Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. And the Pirates' hitters don't have the greatest track record against pitchers who can't get anyone else out.

Potomac 8, Lynchburg 4
Lastings Milledge homered twice today for Lynchburg.

Yankees’ Marte starts rehab assignment – MLB -
Damaso Marte is beginning a rehab assignment in the GCL as he recovers with shoulder problems that have cost him almost the entire season so far.

Buzz Bissinger's 3 Nights In August To Become 2 Hours Wasted At Your Local Multiplex - Deadspin
Billy Bob Thornton has agreed to co-produce the movie version of Buzz Bissinger's 3 Nights in August, about, uh, three games Tony LaRussa managed one August. Because nothing screams excitement like three nights' worth of the most brutally tedious style of over-managing in baseball. I'm not even trying to knock LaRussa here; whatever he needs to do to help his team win is his business. Aesthetically, though? Ugh. 

Yankees Interested in Ian Snell | Toronto Sun
I initially thought this article was saying the Yankees could trade "Phil Hughes plus prospects" for Snell, but that's apparently not what it's saying. Which is too bad--not because that could ever happen, but because the idea of it is hilarious on its own.