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Miguel Sano Passes Age Test

No problems. He's now free to sign, hopefully with the Pirates and hopefully soon.


Pirates ask Wilson, Sanchez to take sizable cuts
Remember the other day, when I said there could be four possible reasons the Pirates were offering extensions to Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson? It turns out it's option 1--they're lowballing them, or at least making them offers they can't not refuse. Which I'm fine with.

Terms of the Wilson offer haven't come out yet, but the Sanchez offer is for around $10 million for two years, which is ridiculous, because Sanchez is already on pace to have his $8 million 2009 option automatically vest if he reaches 600 plate appearances. So, basically, the Pirates are offering him $2 million to play in 2011, plus maybe a little bit of extra security in case Sanchez gets hurt this year and doesn't have the option vest--but even then, he'd probably be able to go into the free agent market and get more than $10 million. If I were Sanchez I'd be insulted by this offer. If this offer is as it's been reported, then either the Pirates are just making a show of keeping Sanchez, or they're pretending, for some reason, that Sanchez's inconvenient option doesn't exist.

PBC Blog: Prospect D'Arnaud out for weeks
Chase D'Arnaud is out for most of the rest of the season, if not the rest of the season, with a sprained thumb ligament.

2009 Trade Deadline Preview: Milwaukee Brewers - MLB Daily Dish
My trade deadline preview of the Brew Crew.