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Pirates Sign Trent Stevenson

Thanks to Space Pirate for the link. This is awesome news, because Stevenson, a right-handed pitcher and the Pirates' seventh-rounder, was one of their highest-upside picks in the draft. He also had a commitment to the University of Arizona, so it wasn't at all automatic that the Pirates would be able to sign him. I haven't yet heard what the bonus is, but it's sure to be well above slot. (UPDATE: Kiley McDaniel says it's $350,000, less than I would've thought. Thanks to Shayborg for the link.)

Here's some video of Stevenson in action.

The Bucs also signed 34th-rounder Zac Fuesser away from the University of Tennessee with a $125,000 bonus, plus $45,000 to pay for further schooling.

I wonder if it's a coincidence that these signings were announced right after the Pirates' got rid of Adam LaRoche's salary?