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Pirates vs. Diamondbacks, 25 July 2009

Virgil Vasquez vs. Max Scherzer, 8:10 PM.

Thanks for everyone's patience with my schedule. In the meantime: who else finds it amusing that after nearly two years of jerking Steve Pearce back and forth between outfield and first, and between the major-league bench in the minors, and promising all that time that they saw him as a starter even though their actions indicated they saw him as anything but, the Pirates are finally letting him play? And long after most fans finally lost hope for him? Pearce improved every month this year at Class AAA Indianapolis, so here's hoping the timing is finally right.

-P- Also, eighth-rounder Colton Cain shares his thoughts here. I'd look for him to sign close to the deadline.

-P- Finally, Miguel Sano is who he says he is, but Major League Baseball lists his age as "undetermined" after giving him a bone test that suggests, but does not prove, he's around 17 rather than his listed age of 16. I'm actually beginning to feel bad for Sano, who's under a ton of scrutiny that will probably never be totally resolved, even though I'm not sure there's much reason to believe he did anything wrong.