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Langosch: Pirates Have Deal to Send Freddy Sanchez to Giants

Jenifer Langosch of writes that the Giants will examine Freddy Sanchez's knee this afternoon and that "a deal is in place" is Sanchez passes the physical.

Dejan Kovacevic, meanwhile, says that no deal is imminent.

UPDATE: Kovacevic now writes that one of his sources is also saying there's a deal, although the Pirates continue to say there isn't.

UPDATE: For what it's worth, Joel Sherman of the New York Post says a source tells him a deal is "definitely" going to happen.

UPDATE: Kovacevic writes that the deal isn't certain.

UPDATE: Jen Langosch reports that Sanchez won't be heading back east with the Pirates after today's game, and will instead stay in Arizona with his family in case he is traded to a team on the West Coast.

UPDATE: The Pirates have told Sanchez to stay in San Francisco rather than flying to Arizona. No trade has been reported yet.