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ESPN: Cubs "Finalizing" Deal for John Grabow

ESPN Chicago:

The Chicago Cubs are in the process of finalizing a trade for Pittsburgh Pirates left-handed reliever John Grabow, a source close to the situation told

The Cubs have been in the market for a left-handed reliever to firm up their bullpen, and Grabow has been on their radar for a while. Sean Marshall is currently the only lefty in the bullpen.

The Cubs don't have the world's best farm system, but they won't necessarily need it to get Grabow. At the same time, there's no rush for the Bucs to trade him--twith the 2010 payroll as low as it now projects to be, there would be no particular reason not to offer Grabow arbitration after the season so that he could return a compensation pick or two if he left.

Thanks to UtesFan89.

UPDATE 4:21: Dejan Kovacevic says the trade, now including Tom Gorzelanny as well as Grabow, is "just about done."