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Marlins 5, Pirates 0: Ricky Nolasco Dominates Bucs

Ricky Nolasco struck out twelve Pirates batters on Sunday, going eight innings and allowing only three hits, two of them infield singles by Andrew McCutchen. Unlike a lot of starting pitchers who've dominated the Pirates this year, Nolasco is actually pretty good (his struggles this season notwithstanding), and he had a terrific breaking ball working today. Ross Ohlendorf took all five runs in the loss but didn't really pitch all that badly--he had three strikeouts against one walk, and he didn't get hit all that hard. (UPDATE: Watching the start more carefully again today and there are problems--Ohlendorf leaves some balls up, and some of his pitches out of the strike zone are too far out to really fool anyone.)

A few notes:

Sanchez Named to All-Star Game
Freddy Sanchez has been named a reserve to the NL All-Star team. Because he was selected, the number of plate appearances he needs to have this year to guarantee his 2010 option decreases from 635 to 600. He's already on pace for 680 or so, so it's very likely he won't be a free agent after the season, whether he's still with the Pirates or not.

 Fort Meade's McCutchen Has Won Over Pittsburgh Fans | | The Ledger | Lakeland, FL
Nice profile of Andrew McCutchen in his hometown paper.

The Charleston Gazette - For Sanchez, it's been a long, hectic month
Tony Sanchez has done a ton of traveling recently.

Indianapolis 1, Louisville 0
Ian Snell mows down another bunch of Class AAA hitters.