I Predict: The Pirates Sign Miguel Angel Sano

Jorge Arangure's Twitter has been interesting lately. He points out that the Twins seem to have spent their Sano money on other players, and that the Orioles view him as late first-round talent. He seems to be a higher priority for the Pirates since the Pirates took the initiative of testing his age early and that the Pirates seem to have gone cheap in this year's draft, as if they were waiting for something.

Anguire also believes that the Pirates won't have to pay a record signing bonus for Sano. He says that the bidding isn't so hot for the guy, possibly because the Chapman defection has diluted the market.

We know that the Twins have alleged irregularities in the documentation of his age, which may be the product of fever-dreams, or perhaps a bizarre conspiracy. The Pirates seem convinced based on a bone-graft test that he truly is sixteen years old. What good is a bone-graft test? No one seems to know.

So, what's Sano worth? I've searched these tubes high and low and the only actual hard data I can find on Sano is that he's a 6-foot-3, 190-pound teenager from San Pedro de Macrois in the Dominican Republic who plays shortstop. And then there's stuff like this:

"Right now the number one guy for me is Sano," said an international scouting director. "The bat, the swing he's got—I've never seen in a young kid that kind of swing. And he repeats it all the time. The ball leaves the bat the same way all the time, in BP and in the games, too. It's a special bat and a special body."

Sano has a plus arm, though his release isn't very quick. With his size he projects to move to third base or right field, but for teams that believe in his ability to hit in games, that isn't an issue.

Who is "an international scouting director?" Why should I believe some anonymous source? What exactly is a "special body?"

If anybody out there knows anything about this kid, I would love to hear about it. Or alternately, feel free to fill up the comments with idle speculation and strange personal fantasies. Either way works!

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