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Minor League Roundup: Owens Dominating Without Two-Seamer

How about I just pretend this whole Wandy Rodriguez thing didn't happen, and focus on the minors? Blog: Owens Breaks Out
Nice profile of Rudy Owens, who's dominating the South Atlantic League without even being allowed to use one of his pitches (a two-seam fastball). He's getting more outs in the air than on the ground right now; it'll be interesting to see if that changes once he returns to the two-seamer.

Lynchburg Hillcats: Scoreboard: Wilmington vs. Lynchburg
Bryan Morris got rocked today against Wilmington. It's too soon since he returned from injury to worry much about him, but Morris needs to start producing soon to make any progress at all this year. With Andy LaRoche slugging .388, Brandon Moss doing almost nothing with the stick and Craig Hansen being Craig Hansen, the Jason Bay trade looks worse by the day.

Is this thing on?: The boss is watching
Scott McCauley reports that the Pirates have signed former Padres prospect Tagg Bozied and sent him to Indianapolis. Bozied is a pretty generic AAAA slugger; he hit 50 homers combined in 2007 (in Memphis) and 2008 (in Albuquerque), but he lacks secondary skills. But if Garrett Jones can be mistaken, however briefly, for a real big-leaguer, I'm not really sure why Bozied can't. 

Minor League Baseball: Stats: VSL Pirates
It's nice to see Jonathan Barrios and Exicardo Cayonez, who were among the Pirates' top singings in Latin America last year, hitting well in Venezuela.