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Pirates Activate Phil Dumatrait, Place Jeff Karstens on Bereavement List

The Bucs have activated Phil Dumatrait in what could prove to be the longest wait for the smallest reward since the Stone Roses' second album. Dumatrait didn't pitch well in his rehab assignments, didn't pitch well for the Pirates last year, didn't pitch well in the Reds organization the year before that, and wasn't all that great a prospect to begin with. He is, however, left-handed, so there's that. Otherwise, I don't think he'd have any reasonable claim to a roster spot, even on a team as reliever-starved as the Pirates are.

In the short term, he'll take the place of Jeff Karstens, who has been placed on the bereavement list so he can visit with his sick grandmother. The Pirates will still have to make another move to clear a spot for Dumatrait on the 40-man roster, since Karstens is still on it.