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Pirates Win Fourth Straight, 5-2

When you compare the Bucs' active roster to the Reds', it's actually not unreasonable to think the Pirates might keep winning, especially against a starter like Micah Owings, who seems destined to be famed more for his hitting than his pitching. Garrett Jones contributed a homer to right that finally occurred with two men on; nearly all of Jones' previous homers had been solo shots, which I don't think is anything we should gnash our teeth over, but it's got to be nice for him to hit a three-run bomb for once. Also, Lastings Milledge hit his second homer as a Pirate, Andrew McCutchen had one of his patented fly-like-Superman triples, and Delwyn Young played pretty good defense at the keystone. Also, Charlie Morton came back to the surface after his disastrous last start and didn't get the bends. Nice game, and now the Pirates can jump to fifth place with a win tomorrow.

No disrespect to the '79 team, which will always have a place in my heart for being the Bucs' last championship squad and for winning the title in the very week I was born, but I've never liked pillbox hats, which make people's heads look funny. (See the Morton picture to your right, which I swear isn't photoshopped.) I'd gladly exchange some funny-looking heads for some more games like this, though.

One quick note: Evan Meek's season is over after moving to the 60-day DL to make room for Phil Dumatrait on the 40-man roster.