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Andrew McCutchen's Walk-Off Homer Defeats Phillies

Wow. Just when I was about to write a pithy two-sentence post about how awful Matt Capps is, that happened. After Capps allowed two runs to blow a save in the top of the ninth (aided by a ball McCutchen misread in the outfield), Brad Lidge came into the game, gave up a single to Luis Cruz, allowed Cruz to get to second on a wild pitch, and had Brian Bixler (who pinch-ran for Cruz) score when Jayson Werth dropped a ball after Brandon Moss singled to right. Then McCutchen hit a two-run homer to end it. 

I'm not a big believer in the idea that clutch hitting is a skill, but McCutchen is a special player, and watching him I sometimes feel like he could bring peace to the Middle East if only he made it a priority.