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Link Roundup: Pirates Promote Neil Walker

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Because we just can't have enough Neil Walker threads. Virgil Vasquez is coming too. Scott McCauley has more.

In other minor league news, Pedro Alvarez's minor league season is over as he prepares to play in the World Cup. Minor league reliever Dustin Molleken is going too, and not to pick on Molleken, but until I realized he's going because he's Canadian, I was wondering how that worked. 

Coach #1: Let's see, we can get Pedro Alvarez. That's pretty good, right? And Brad Lincoln!


Sorry, Canada. You're a beautiful country. Anyway, Rudy Owens was also named the Sally League outstanding pitcher of the year after posting a 1.70 ERA in 19 starts there. Owens has capped his brilliant season by striking out 19 batters and walking only one in his first 20.3 innings at Class A+ Lynchburg. 

Also, here's a neat article about smart baseball players. Ross Ohlendorf sounds like my kind of guy.