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Ian Snell Rips Pirate Pitching Coaches

Via the PBC Blog, Ian Snell credits his Mariners pitching coaches with making some sort of adjustment to his delivery, which apparently turned things around for him and proves "how much more they want to win here [in Seattle] than over there."

Not to, y'know, point out the obvious, but:

Snell with Pittsburgh: 80.7 IP, 52 K, 44 BB, 7 HR, 5.36 ERA

Snell with Seattle: 46.3 IP, 25 K, 30 BB, 6 HR, 4.86 ERA

There's no evidence that Snell has improved much of anything. His last five or so starts with Seattle have looked better than his first few, but that could just be normal variance; after all, he walked five batters in his second-to-last start. His peripherals are actually worse in Seattle than they were with Pittsburgh. But hey, you know, whatever. The Pirates are pretty easy scapegoats.